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Kiwirky Multipurpose Bandana


We may be biased, but isn’t this just the perfect accessory?! Express yourself and all your quirks and wear our kiwi pattern bandana however you like it! Even kiwi birds are quirky - did you know they are the only bird in the world with external nostrils at the end of their beaks?!

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50% of all proceeds will be donated to local wildlife rehabilitation, support and education

The mission behind the Kiwirky Collection is to give back. We’ve chosen Hobbitstee Wildlife Refuge as our focus rehabilitation center as we admire their mission and the work they do.

Hobbitstee helps upwards of 3500 wild animals annually, their main focus being rehabilitating wildlife, while also striving to provide education, mitigation and research.

It’s multipurpose so let’s talk about it. A hair tie, a headband, an armband, a necktie, a hand towel, an accessory for your cat, your dog, your mom, your dad, your grandparents, your kid, your guinea pig, your house plant… whatever else you can imagine! It’s has UPF protection and is partially made from recycled material too, making it an eco-conscious purchase that your skin will thank you for.

• 65% recycled polyester, 35% polyester
• Breathable, moisture-wicking material
• Lightweight and soft fabric
• Single-sided print
• Multifunctional
• UPF50+ protection
• Fabric is OEKO-TEX 100 standard and Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certified

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