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Kiwirky Pattern Beanie


Call it a beanie or toque, we don’t mind! Fulfill your kiwi bird obsession with our elegant silhouette kiwirky pattern (yes, we think he is elegant, don’t you?). Kiwi birds are so elegant that in New Zealand they are a national symbol, appearing on coat of arms, badges and crests of cities, clubs and organizations!

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50% of all proceeds will be donated to local wildlife rehabilitation, support and education

The mission behind the Kiwirky Collection is to give back. We’ve chosen Hobbitstee Wildlife Refuge as our focus rehabilitation center as we admire their mission and the work they do.

Hobbitstee helps upwards of 3500 wild animals annually, their main focus being rehabilitating wildlife, while also striving to provide education, mitigation and research.

Keep your noggin warm with our cozy, form-fitting beanie. Or, as we Canadians commonly call it, a toque. Take ‘er oot for a rip to Timmies to snag a double double eh bahd? This beaut is wicked soft to get ya ready for them ol’ Canadian winters.
• 95% polyester, 5% spandex
• Double-layered
• Regular fit (order a size up for a slouchy fit)
• Wash at 86°F (30°C)

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