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Kiwirky Pattern Scrunchie


High pony, low pony, side pony, Shetland pony(?). Whatever your style, our kiwi bird pattern scrunchie will add the final touch to your look (or your pony’s?!). Unlike most birds, kiwi birds have very unique, hair-like feathers! Since they don’t fly, their feathers evolved into a unique texture to suit a ground-based lifestyle and camouflage them from predators.

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50% of all proceeds will be donated to local wildlife rehabilitation, support and education

The mission behind the Kiwirky Collection is to give back. We’ve chosen Hobbitstee Wildlife Refuge as our focus rehabilitation center as we admire their mission and the work they do.

Hobbitstee helps upwards of 3500 wild animals annually, their main focus being rehabilitating wildlife, while also striving to provide education, mitigation and research.

Don’t get your hair in a knot, get out for some fresh hair with our stylish scrunchie. Made mostly from recycled materials to prevent waste and keep this an eco-conscious option. A super stretchy, one size scrunchie featuring your favourite birds!

• 91% recycled polyester, 9% spandex (fabric composition may vary by 3%)
• Breathable and fast-drying material
• Smooth and stretchy fabric outside, elastic inside
• Made of leftover materials from the manufacturing of other products
• One size
• Removable bow detail

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